“But how do I know what success is?” you ask? Well, you may not. Simply put, I feel success is having a positive attitude and optimism and being selfless. After meeting Mark Evered (form UFV president) is easy to see why he went to the top; he spoke highly of everyone around him, he treated everyone as equal, he saw opportunity in everything and he was full of ideas but was quickly willing to admit that other ideas were better, if they were better. It was contagious. Those around him caught his optimism and it lasted longer and longer every time you me t him.

We also hooked up with an uncle I haven’t seen in 30 odd years. Even at his wife’s celebration of life he was incredibly optimistic and wanted to hear so much from those he hasn’t seen in so long. His wife was the same, I don’t know who caught it from whom, but I’m sure they were both like that to begin with. My uncle’s character attracted positivism, optimism and selflessness and it was nice to be in the crowd.

Luckily, my life is now surrounded with success. If you find yourself in a crowd that needs a bit of a lift then turn up your character and shine through, balance things out for everyone’s benefit. It’s a good character building exercise for you, too. Happy lifting.


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