Learning tip: How much of your noodle is expected?


All well-designed courses present clear learning objectives, but as a learner you should also know what is expected of you from those who asked you to take it or who are assessing you. For example, are you just expected to remember some industry jargon, or are you expected to understand how these jargon are translated by experts to speak with laymen.

In the first case, you are expected to remember the acronyms so you can better understand what coworkers are talking about in meetings or in the lunchroom, an onboarding course. This is essential in many industries.

Theoretically speaking, this is the lowest form of learning according to Bloom’s taxonomy of learning.

In the second case, you are expected to apply the highest levels of learning, evaluation and creation. You will have to evaluate what lay words will best replace the jargon in casual conversation. You may also be required to create emails or documents translating the jargon for lay-readers to better understand.

You could take the same online course and come out with either one of the two above learning outcomes, simple memorization, or a level of understanding that leads to evaluation and the creation of new items.

Make sure you are clear on what is expected before you use too much or too little of your noodle. Of course, as a course designer, make it clear so the learner shouldn’t have to ask.

Ken Harmel, MEd



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