Watch a blended 100-level university Arts course be transitioned to a fully online course. It is being designed and developed from scratch to completion and deployment on our YouTube channel. I’ll ask what the students think at the end and will let you know.

Watch and get ideas for your own courses.

  • Compare my design with your own courses. Ask yourself, “Does my online course include these items, or does mine have something Ken’s doesn’t? Why might that be?”
  • Why watch? For guidance if you’ve never taught online via an LMS before. You can use the ideas in these videos in any LMS.
  • Why not spend the time developing my course? Because you just need some fresh ideas and want develop your online teaching skills.
  • Why watch Ken’s how-to videos and not Carpool Karaoke? For your own personal reasons that I just can’t think of right now. This is a tough call.