At a 2016 conference, a former colleague of mine picked up as many 2.5 x 2.5 stickers of inspiring words that Adam Kreek handed out. These are very simple inspirations that we can apply in our every day lives. I will write a post to connect how the quotes have impacted my daily life and hopefully you can reflect on them, too.

Today’s Kreek sticker: “BY THE INCH IT’S A CINCH”

Making a change, small or large can be challenging. I always like to model the benefits of change to get buy-in. Reading, in my opinion, is better than watching YouTube. My sons like reading, but the power of YouTube is overwhelming. I understand that.

A small step in having them read more, or the inch, is getting technology in their hands. They now read books on tablets, which they enjoy. They enjoy hard copies, too, but want the latest books which can get expensive. And, they want new, or personalized copies, not library copies.

Putting a tablet in their hands makes it personal and digital copies are easier to get and less expensive.

That’s my inch towards reading more. Now I have to buy another tablet for myself because they are using mine to read, and I’m not going to take that inch away.


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