Recently, I had been asked to help convert 15 paper-based quizzes to Blackboard compatible quizzes. At first I thought, “how can this be done?”. Not long after, I thought, “Should this be done?”

These quizzes were meant for an online course. I questioned, “Would these quizzes get me excited and motivate me to log in to my course’s LMS? Heck no.

If I did manage to muster up the motivation to attempt the quizzes, would the activity lead to higher learning? Heck no. Perhaps in some disciplines. But, in English Communication for example, it is simple rote memorization, no higher learning, application, or transfer can possibly be achieved with this form of assessment.

Get learners applying, not regurgitating.

Look for alternatives to quizzing. And no, Kahoot! Is still rote memorization, the lowest form of learning. Although it may get students to the computer, but not much will be achieved beyond that.
Wait! Don’t start rewriting all your assessment material. If you feel your quizzes still help achieve your learning objectives then convert your paper-based quizzes or tests to an LMS format.

Quizz BB.png


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