Seeing, or experiencing, Adam Kreek during a recent conference was an incredible inspiration. I can’t do him justice by summarizing who he is in this short blog, so check out his website. He is a motivational speaker extraordinaire, and his recent concept Inches: 12 Small Steps to Your Next gold Metal Moment appears to encapsulate his presentations. I highly recommend you visit this page.

Reflecting on the week, I find it hard to actually identify my progress, or my inches gained toward my gold metal moment. It took a good deal of focused reflection and consideration to see how I made progress.

How will we recognize them? We can’t unless we take a quiet moment out of our hectic day full of distractions to realize that progress has been made. When you do this your list will continue to grow and progress becomes apparent.

Adam’s book isn’t out yet but I hope will have answers to identifying the inches. I think that is a task worth focusing on.



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