Whether you want to compliment your in-class courses with eLearning, make these courses fully accessible online, or go hybrid, HKKS Education can provide solutions to your eLearning needs.  Contact us if you…

  • Need to know what learning can do for your organization.
  • And your team need help meeting that eLearning deadline.
  • Want to take your in-class learning online.
  • Want to convert your PowerPoint to engaging online courses.
  • Want to reach a wider audience all across BC or even the world.
  • Need onboarding courses to get everyone on the same page.
  • Need to update older CBT courses to be more engaging.
  • Want to chat about eLearning and education.

HKKS Education builds courses your learners want to take, not have to take. We are dedicated educators using eLearning and educational theory to make education accessible, engaging and relevant for your learners so they can enjoy the experience and put the content into practice immediately.

We invite you to look at our sample work: Click here. Looking forward to speaking with you.

Ken Harmel, M.Ed.


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