NOTE: Most of the following course are interactive. Click each picture to launch the HTML5 course sample.

Creating LMS courses

Your institution has given you an online course to teach next semester? Great! You’ve never taught one? Okay. We can help you develop that course and even be virtually be your side to help you deliver it. Of course the content is all up to you, but we can recommend activities and assessments that will help your students get the most of of your course. Guaranteed!

Course screenshot total

Convert PowerPoints to eLearning courses

With the help of SMEs (Subject Matter Exports) and graphic developers we can develop any eLearning course, such as this a 180 PPT slide course eLearning.


Turned into this:


From Storyboard to Branching Scenario

We follow best practices and plan out course designs on paper before designing begins. This is a sample onboarding / sales tool created for a health and safety organization.


We create engaging, real-life scenarios

With the help of SMEs, we create engaging, real-life scenarios that test Learners’ knowledge and ensure that they can apply and transfer information to improve their productivity, safety and performance.


Rebranding, Redesigning and Revamping Dated Course

All organizations go through a new look and feel, which is we HKKS offers course upgrading. Here’s an example:

Old Version – I helped evaluate what to keep and leave behind



Changes: More white space, a less distracting background, check marks to notify user of what hasn’t been visited and the removal of clip art.


Graphic design considerations

Every company has graphic design standards, which is why we ensure that your standards are strictly followed while still allowing for the course to achieve he highest learning outcomes.


Rough drafts

HKKS provides a rough draft, or samples of your course so you can better visualize what the end product will look like and make any changes.


Straight-forward and user friendly 

All courses are designed to be so intuitive that instructions are usually not required, but are made optional.


LMS Management

I rebranded and helped redevelop all of the following courses plus helped in the creation of the Combustible Dust courses.The Confined Spaces course was my responsibility.


No course is too big or too small

Contact us for a consultation.



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