Opportunity All Around

Do you have desire to live and work in Canada? I have taught many people who have shared the same desire. However, there have been many excuses for not getting to Canada. You can do it, it just takes one small step at a time. But, those steps must be done. Everywhere my family and … Continue reading Opportunity All Around

Engaging lessons for boys and girls

Engagement and having fun leads to learning, very few educators will argue this. This is why we use Minecraft to build grammar/vocabulary skills to communicate more effectively outside of gaming and school. Get your students talking, writing and thinking in Minecraft and the fluency will skyrocket - yes, it can be considered a deceptive way to educate, because … Continue reading Engaging lessons for boys and girls

TOEFL – Building critical thinking skills

Answering TOEFL writing and speaking questions require critical thinking skills. One great way to build this is to answer TOEFL style questions in your head. Always structure your response like this: 1. Introduction (15 seconds) 2. Supporting point + example 1 (20 seconds) 3. Supporting point + example 2 (20 seconds) 4. Supporting point + example 3 (20 seconds) Here … Continue reading TOEFL – Building critical thinking skills