Our common thread: You and I are both educators and want to pass on our knowledge to others. Our common challenge: How can we do this most effectively and efficiently? In other words, how can we reach the widest audience while ensuring each learner masters our intended outcomes?

This site exists to help answer these questions.

Investing a few minute on these pages and you will

  • generate new ideas to adopt into your online learning courses,
  • hone your online course development skills,
  • help develop, in our own little ways, the future of education
  • and, connect with a seasoned online educational professional

Sound good? Then make yourself comfortable and read on.

Review the titles of the following posts to help direct you in your online course design, development and delivery to generate new ideas to adopt into your online learning courses.  Feel free to join in on the conversation, we’d love to hear from you.

Review some of my work, see what you like (and don’t like) and incorporate (or avoid) them into your designs .

By doing the above two you will be discussing and helping develop the future of education.

Finally, if you see what you like and would like to connect contact me.

We educators are here to  ensure that learners get the most out of their online learning experience and keep them coming back for more, and not just because it’s convenient and their only option to get that certificate, diploma, or degree they need to get them to their next step.

Ken Harmel, M.Ed.
Educator and eLearning Designer/Developer




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