The solution to every story that makes the headlines can be resolved through Education, in my humble opinion anyway. Being an EdTech in higher education not only gives me the opportunity to help resolve these issues, but the responsibility to help resolve these issues by educating educators in digital pedagogy.

For example, through online learning, our university is slowly reaching out to those that can’t make it to campus, those who can educate citizens around them in their local communities. We can, and do, reach all corners of the country.

I did my master’s in education online and know full well that online learning, in its current form, is not for everyone; Simply read, discuss, submit, repeat does not engage, nor does it reflect the workplace.  Some courses I took offered some novel form of technology that was like a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day. It was very welcome, but only when done in moderation.

It’s exciting to be able to suggest new ways to engage online and in-class students, ways that break free of the read, discuss, submit, repeat syndrome. And yes, there are ways. Mentorship models and cohort approaches are just two that will turn learning on its head. .

Education is the solution and online learning will help reach a wider audience, but only if we approach it in a revolutionary way. Teaching in a different way takes a huge leap into the un-comfort zone. It is work and it will flop at first, but with some fine-tuning you’ll be refreshed with the invigorating feeling of starting off on your new career, which will be reflected in the learners.


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