After completing 15 online graduate and a few undergrad courses, I think I have eReading down to an art, or a science. I am now a huge fan and attempt to persuade others to go digital. We can talk about my success with that later.

After working with so many eReaders, here is what has worked best for me and why, presented in a Top 5 list.

  1. Xodo – An excellent PDF and getting there Doc eReader. The highlighting, bookmarking and annotating is seamless and intuitive. It’s easy to site from and documents live in the Cloud so I don’t have to clutter up precious tablet and phone storage.
  2. Prestigio – For anything but PDFs, this app will do the trick. The markups rival Xodo, but it is best used for ePub and mobi formats. It will handle PDFs, but Xodo does it better. There is a direct download from your cloud storage, but files are stored locally, so have some storage available on your device. I love the bookshelf look, too.
  3. Google Play Books – this app comes default with Android. It does not allow direct access to Cloud storage, so it’s a bit cumbersome to set up. It’s great for reading, but Prestigio’s markup capacity is much better.
  4. Calibre – this program, not app, is primarily used to create eBooks. If you get a document that can’t easily be marked up then convert it to an ePub using Calibre. It may not be a perfect conversion buy almost always usable and better than the original.
  5. Vitalsource Bookshelf – This online eReader is meant for students. The additional beauty is that all the citation references are done for you when you copy/paste (with some tough up). Pitfalls, you can only use purchased resources, so you can’t read journal articles here and you can’t store them locally. I always forget the website so I have trouble finding my books.

I’m not going to write at length about why I don’t like AIReader and other top eReader apps (okay, I haven’t tried Aldiko yet), but I will say that apps on my list have proven to be 100% reliable. There is nothing worse than highlighting all the juicy bits for citing and finding a clean document next time you open it. Ah!


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