Being an avid supporter of online learning, I’m always looking for an opportunity to understand why others may not share my belief in its value. Recently, an undergrad student told me that “I don’t like online learning because I like going to campus, going to school is where I learn. At home I sleep, eat and relax, not do schoolwork. I don’t want to mix the two.” This is a common sentiment, but a sentiment that does not reflect today’s changing workplace.

Robert Griffiths, board director of planning and programming at the Transportation Planning Board of Washington, DC, mentions “Work is less a place you go and more something you do where you’re at”. The percent of the workforce telecommuting is up from 11% in 2001 to 27% in 2013 and the rest are looking for work they can telecommute in.

With huge financial incentives for companies to promote telecommunication, technologies to support it, and the desire to avoid the long and often hazardous commute, this trend will continue to rise.

Whether we want to telecommute or not, we should start getting comfortable with being productive wherever we are. So, let’s start at school and do our school work as we will our future business plans, graphic designs or eLearning module, wherever we are.


Trends in Telecommuting


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