We’ve all heard the expressions “It’s nice to put a face to the name”. Or, I prefer to “meet face to face”. Both of these have pleasant nuances, and few can argue that both build better relationships. Why then do so many students lack a picture profile? I have seen more blank mugs than cheery photos in discussion forums.

There is much evidence1 that having a picture profile leads to better learning and professional outcomes. Why not start honing your personal profile, or branding, skills in academics? In business, a blank picture may communicate to a potential employer or client not 1000 words, but just one: “lazy” or “apathy”. On the other hand, in academics having a personal profile may say “I’m engaged” or “I’m connected”; cohorts tend to gravitate towards postings with pictures, which results in lively discussion.

Let’s not make it a cheesy photo. Spend $35 at Sears portrait studio and get a professional mug. I attach it to every profile I own and let my personal branding build.

Adding a good quality photo is such a small step but promises big results.

1  Why Your Picture Profile is So Important, Five Reasons You Must Have a Photo


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