Just because eLearning designers and developers have to follow organizational templates and branding standards doesn’t mean that learning theory and best practices have to be compromised. Blending these ingredients make for outstanding eLearning courses. Organizational templates and branding standards are in place because it’s good for development and for good for the Learner. As long as courses include all the following adult learning theory and best practices then you’ve got a strong foundation for a really good course.

  1. Keep content light and conversational
  2. Include why they are taking this course
  3. Include how this course will benefit them
  4. Include how they can transfer this knowledge
  5. Include how to dive deeper into the topic
  6. Clarify who they can contact to discuss the content
  7. Chunk information, add repetition and review
  8. Make it clear where they are in the course
  9. Bring it all together with seamless fluidity
  10. Find out if anyone learned anything and could apply it

These are fundamental learning principals that are often omitted when using the simple eLearning authoring tools that are made available to eLearning developers. They can also be omitted due to time and/or budget constraints. Knowing the software does not mean knowing your Learners, and not knowing your Learners means they won’t get the most out of the course, or even finish the course.

At HKKS we get to know your learners and ensure sound learning theory ad best practices are applied to each and every course.Contact us to know more.

Click here to see an example of what I’m talking about. (not ready yet, hang on just a bit…)


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