Various multi-word verb formations (things to keep in mind when learning new vocabulary and to better understand what I am referring to when using these words):

  • (idioms): to sink money into something = to waste money (you never actually sink money – that’s an idiom and hard to remember)
  • (phrasal verbs) to throw away money = to waste money (you can actually throw money away, so this is a phrasal verb and easier to remember)
  • (Word collocations) = words that go together = to invest, find, lose, spend, burn, etc money – but you can’t run, think or fly money
    • Also, using the proper prepositions (in, up, over, etc.) with these phrases or words is something to consider: Someone can invest in something, but they can’t invest on something.

Still confused? Send me your questions and I’ll try and clarify further.


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