Whenever you speak publicly or do any writing you must always fully understand who your audience is. You must fully understand both the reason for them to listen or read what you have to say and their level of knowledge. Donald Trump did just that but is getting criticized in the media. I am not writing to defend Trump, I am writing to clarify the importance of understanding your audience when writing and speaking.

The media claimed that “Donald Trump’s use of grammar ‘typical of children aged 11 and under’”, but his level of English was carefully chosen, not an accident. He knows who he is talking to, who he believes is the typical  American voter. Therefore, the headline should read, “Donald Trump reads a story to children aged 11 and under”.

Trump is a businessman who is great at public speaking. When addressing your audience, follow Trump’s example whether you support him politically or not – speak at a level your audience would typically understand without insulting them, otherwise they are likely to tune you out or turn you off.


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