Have you asked yourself or others any of these questions: “Is my English getting better?”, “Why isn’t my English getting better?”, or, “How can I improve my English?”? You have probably got many answers, right?  Before giving you yet another answer, I first have to give you a bit of learning theory; Bloom’s Taxonomy (pyramid below)shows how skills are mastered. You can go as far up as you want on the pyramid, the top being mastery.

Bloom's Taxonomy
Bloom’s Taxonomy

Language learners are typically great at the base, remembering new words and good at understanding the dictionary meaning. But, the big step to adding a word into your active vocabulary (using it often and naturally) is applying the new word in conversation. We can’t begin to really understand a word’s nuance and usage unless we try it out in conversation.

So, what word(s) will you actively use today, tomorrow and the tomorrow’s after that?


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