HKKS Education is now offering online instructional design. Do you have staff who don’t regularity come into the office, or are distributed all over the country or perhaps globally? If so, Online learning will ensure that your staff are all up to speed and on the same page on company products services policies and procedures.

Teaching is not synonomous with learning. Many elements have to be in place for learning to occur in your staff.

HKKS Education incorporate all instructional elements for learning to occur.

Give us the following information for a quotation:

1. Your learning objectives
2. Your learning goals
3. Your target audience and their logistics (i.e. locations)
4. Your available hardware and software resourses

We can deliver a learning product that will engage, motivate and, above all, teach your staff what you require them to learn.

Give us a call to find out more. Sample work coming soon…



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