My Work

To demonstrate the reasoning behind my work, let’s first look at a typical example of an existing online course. I value consistency, ease of use, and simplicity in instructional design, but you might agree that the following 14-week course is a bit extreme. Students will struggle to find the motivation to complete this course where every week is structured like Week 6.


This type of design is more common than you might think. It would be rare that students would sue an institution over the poor quality of an online course, but it does reinforce the idea that students expect high quality online courses, courses of equal or higher quality than their in-class options.

What HKKS can do

Creating LMS courses

Your institution has given you an online course to teach next semester? Great! You’ve never taught one? Okay. We can help. We can get a pedagogically friendly, student focused online course all ready for you to start teaching.

BB Sample

Making courses simple, interactive, effective and fun!

Add your and/or your students’ favorite learning tools and applications to your course shell so students don’t have to leave your course shell therefore minimizing external distractions (a.k.a. “volition“).

Let’s learn how to add an exciting Kahoot! into your course.

Kahoot embed

Or, an alternative to you PowerPoint: Prezi.

Prezi embed

Want to pre-assess your students but don’t like the look, feel and interactivity of the built in LMS’s survey? Let’s add a survey into your course using MS Forms:

Forms embed

These are simple yet effective tools that students generally already know how to use so they can use their limited cognitive resources to complete their activities and assignments.

There’s much more, so contact us to get started.